Green Billing FAQ's

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E-billing FAQ’s

  • Why the abbreviated 3 month billing cycle?
    In order to better serve our members, the Association is working to create more convenient payment options. To accomplish this, the current MLS/MRED billing will be an abbreviated billing period of 3 months, July - September.
  • If I wish, Can I pay for my MRED/MLS service past September?
    We cannot accept payment for MRED/MLS Services after September. In order to better serve our members, the Association is working to create more convenient payment options. To accomplish this, we need to keep all members on the same abbreviated billing cycle, of 3 months, July - September.
  • How does e-billing work?
    You will receive your MLS invoice and Annual Dues invoice via e-mail to your specified e-mail address. This e-mail will include a link to a PDF of your invoice as well as a link to pay your invoice online at with your credit card. The first MLS/MRED invoice for July - September was sent on May 1,2009
  • How do I change my e-mail address on file?
    Click here to log-in to your member account to change your contact information.
  • How do I register for e-billing?
    No need to register. Starting with the 2009 July-September MLS billing all members will be signed up for e-billing.
  • What if I would rather pay my invoice by check?
    You may also pay your invoice via check by printing out your invoice and mailing a check to :
    Chicago Association of Realtors MLS
    3291 Paysphere Circle
    Chicago IL 60674
    You may also pay via check at any of our C.A.R. locations.
  • I still want a paper invoice mailed to me, can I still get one?
    Yes. In order to indicate that you would like to opt out of our paperless green billing visit our Web site at, click "My Account", sign in and click, "Your Personal Information." You will then need to change the box marked "Preferred Billing" to select "mail". You may also call us at (312) 803-4900 to request a mailed paper invoice.
  • Why has C.A.R. switched to e-billing?
    There are many benefits to e-billing including:
  • I am already set up for auto-payment. Does this affect me?
    No. If you are currently enrolled in our auto-payment program your dues & fees will be deducted as per usual.
  • I normally pay my dues/fees online - What has changed?
    You may still pay your dues and fees as you normally do through the Internet Members Services Web site. The only difference is that you will no longer receive a mailed paper invoice, rather an e-mail containing your invoice.

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